As an industry leader in traffic safety enforcement solutions Optotraffic designs, builds and services cutting edge technologies for state and local agencies seeking violator funded public safety programs. With our comprehensive suite of back office support services, we work hand in hand with local government officials to increase public safety in communities throughout the U.S. Optotraffic offers several photo speed enforcement solutions including handheld, portable and fixed with customizable features for each client and deployment location. Our Silverhawk, fixed pole configuration features our patented “Above the Road” LiDAR based speed sensors and is used to enforce in locations with multi-lane, uni or bi directional traffic and chronic speeding challenges. Our SkyHawk portable trailer system with its small footprint and quick set-up time makes it the ideal choice in dense traffic areas with multiple locations over a wide geographic area. Our BlackHawk configuration, about the size of a USPS mailbox, is ideal for locations where system aesthetics are a concern, utilizes rechargeable batteries and wireless connectivity to enable complete portability. Our DragonCam system, manufactured by DragonEye Technology is a handheld, full featured, laser-based digital imaging enforcement system capable of capturing high-resolution images and videos of vehicles violating preset speed limits. Our four different configurations of photo speed enforcement solutions are all supported by our comprehensive suite of back office services including notice printing and mailing.
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