The Shpigler Group

Smart city development is typically defined as the use of smart initiatives combined to leverage technology investments across an entire city, with common platforms increasing efficiency, data being shared across systems, and IT investments tied to smart missions. By utilizing IoT sensors, actuators, and technology systems, cities now have the potential to more effectively connect components across a city, and in doing so, enhance the services delivered to residents and businesses within that city. With increasing urbanization across the world (60% by 2050) and rapidly growing capabilities of technology, smart city development is exploding. In fact, studies have shown that smart city spending is more than doubling every seven years. The Shpigler Group is a strategy management consulting firm focused on the municipal sector. We have designed our practice to add value to our clients’ communities, identifying suitable optimal solutions and helping each community develop the right strategy. Services provided by The Shpigler Group include developing assessments for smart city efforts; developing value propositions for specific smart city use cases; supporting the development of public-private partnerships; evaluating the viability of community broadband networks; and conducting analysis in support of economic development initiatives.
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