Georgia Power

At Georgia Power, we do more than make energy, we fuel our economy. For almost a century, our company has been helping hometowns across the state grow and prosper. We understand that growing a business or a community is a big job. To help companies and communities navigate the journey from where they are to where they want to be, our team of seasoned experts provides free consultation and innovative services. Our experienced team of community development managers live and work in regions throughout the state, working alongside state, regional and local partners to help businesses and communities thrive. They guide communities through the strategic growth process and connect them to the people and resources that will help them reach their goals. They also provide support to existing businesses who are undergoing expansions. Georgia Power’s community development managers collaborate with our highly-skilled engineers and nationally recognized research analysts to support communities at every stage of growth.
Ms. Odessa Archibald
241 Ralph McGill Blvd
Bin 10190
Atlanta, GA 30308