Georgia Economic Developers Association

The mission of the Georgia Economic Developers Association (GEDA) is to serve as the resource for networking, professional development and public policy for Georgia’s Economic Development community. Membership is open to anyone in Georgia who has an interest in economic development. GEDA’s vision is to be the nation's premier economic development association dedicated to driving Georgia's prosperity. Organized to increase the effectiveness of individuals involved in the practice of economic development in Georgia, GEDA encourages cooperation, exchange of information and upgrading of professional skills. Established in 1963 as the Georgia Industrial Developers Association, GEDA adopted its current name in 1993—replacing “industrial” with “economic” to better reflect the broad scope of interests and services that go into promoting job creation and community prosperity. Today’s membership totals nearly 700 practitioners and reflects the multi-faceted nature of economic development, whose sectors include manufacturing, distribution, commercial development, tourism, film and more. Practitioners are active in everything from entrepreneurship, workforce preparedness and research commercialization, to re-development and international trade development. GEDA provides a leadership voice on issues affecting economic development policies and regulations and is assisted in its governmental affairs by Cornerstone Government Affairs.
Mr. Kevin Shea
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