HB 139, Railroad Signage and Operations

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Rep. Mesha Mainor
District 56
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Tom Gehl, (678) 686-6247
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Economic Development and Redevelopment | Transportation |
bill text

This bill would require that railroad companies submit an annual report to the Georgia Department of Transportation on the maintenance of its crossings. The bill would also prohibit rail cars from blocking streets for longer than 15 minute unless necessary to comply with signals affecting the safety of the movement of the engine rail cars, it is necessary to avoid striking any object or person on the track, due to circumstances which are beyond the control of the railroad company, or necessary to comply with a federal safety regulation or other federal law.

Lastly, the bill would require railroads to place signage at crossings indicating the name of the company which operates on the rail line and alerting members of the public that the railroad may be in violation of the law if a train blocks the crossing for more than 15 minutes. 

1/29/2021 - Assigned To House Committee