HB 456, Terms of Municipal Court Judges

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Rep. Stan Gunter
District 8

Current law requires cities to have a minimum one year term for municipal court judges and such judges can only be removed during such term by a two-thirds vote of the governing authority of the city for items such as willful misconduct in office, willful and persistent failure to perform duties, habitual intemperance, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice, or disability. 

This legislation would extend the minimum term for municipal court judges to two years but would also allow municipalities to remove such judge from office mid-term for a breach of a contract memorializing the terms and conditions of his or her appointment as a judge. 

Last Updated: 1/10/2024
Subject Area: Municipal Courts
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2/7/2024 - Assigned to Senate Committee


2/6/2024 House Vote #428 Yea - 161 Nay - 2 Not Voting - 6 Excused - 11

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