SB 145, Landscape Equipment and Agricultural Fairness (LEAF) Act

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Sen. Shawn Still
District 48


As Introduced. 

This legislation is entitled the "Landscape Equipment and Agricultural Fairness (LEAF) Act". This legislation prohibits local governments from regulating gasoline powered leaf blowers differently than other types of leaf blowers (i.e. electric powered leaf blowers). Many cities have an ordinance restricting leaf blowers’ hours of operation and requiring the use of mufflers - these types of ordinances would still be allowed as long as all types of leaf blowers were treated the same. 

As amended, the following are now tacked onto SB 145

House Bill 438 - Clarifies existing law, prohibiting local governments from adopting any policy which restricts or regulates the use of appliances or utilities based on fuel type (i.e. natural gas stoves). GMA was neutral on this bill originally and is neutral on its language being amended to SB 145.

House Bill 92 - This legislation raises the cap on the proportion of investments an electric membership corporation (EMC) may make in a gas affiliate, from 15 to 30 percent. GMA is neutral on this addition.

Zoning Procedure Law Cleanup - This is a minor language cleanup in a zoning legislation passed in the previous session. GMA has no concerns and is neutral on this amendment.

House Bill 206 (CPACE) - The legislation allows for city governments to create a land-secured financing district which acts as a mechanism for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements on private property. This model allows for commercial property owners to finance the up-front cost of energy or other eligible improvements on a property and then pay the costs back over time through a voluntary assessment. GMA supports the original CPACE bill, HB 206, and supports its amendment to SB 145.

House Bill 374 - The legislation would amend state law relating to municipal deannexation. After working with the author to address GMA’s main concerns, the legislation now includes the following limitations:

•Allows the city to deny a deannexation application if, in the cities determination, the deannexation would be detrimental to the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and property owners leaving the city or the those residents and property owners remaining in the city
•Prohibits deannexations under this new method where there are outstanding municipal general obligation or revenue bond obligations
•Authorizes municipalities to continue to provide services to deannexed properties but does not require a city to continue to provide services to a deannexed property

Due to these changes, GMA is no longer opposing this language.

Last Updated: 1/5/2024
Subject Area: Alcoholic Beverages | Elections | Environment | Land Use and Annexation | Municipal Powers | Utilities |
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3/29/2023 -


3/27/2023 House Vote #311 Yea - 103 Nay - 67 Not Voting - 2 Excused - 8
2/27/2023 Senate Vote #86 Yea - 37 Nay - 16 Not Voting - 2 Excused - 1

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