SB 94, Dam Inundation Zones

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Sen. Frank Ginn
District 47
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Michael McPherson, (678) 686-6390
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This bill would: 

Define the term “inundation zone” as any area downstream of a dam that would be affected by flooding from releases from a dam's reservoir in the event of a failure, breach, or uncontrolled release of water, and is generally much larger than the area for a normal river or stream flood event. 

Prohibit the building of inhabitable structures in the inundation zone of a Category II dam described in a breach analysis approved by EPD unless EPD has approved certified documentation completed by a professional engineer licensed in Georgia that such structure can withstand inundation from a breach of the dam and would not create the risk of probable loss of human life. 

Require any certified breach analysis conducted to be filed with the Superior Court and the local government where the inundation zone is located. 

2/8/2021 - Assigned to Senate Committee