Mail Merge Files

Tired of having to call GMA to get labels printed or to request a mail merge file be emailed to you? Now you can download six different mail merge files from the GMA web site as many times as you like.  This service is reserved for members of the Business Alliance Program. Become a Business Alliance Program member today.

Available Mail Merge Files*

  • Mayors
  • Managers and Clerks
  • Finance Officials (may include managers and clerks)
  • Purchasing Officials (may include managers, clerks and finance officials)
  • Personnel Officials (may include managers and clerks)
  • Public Works/Utility Officials (includes water, wasterwater, public works, utility, sanitation, gas and electric officials)
* Mail merge files not listed above are available upon special request at an additional cost and are not included as part of this service.
To sign-up or for more information on special requests, please contact Amy Henderson at (678) 686-6226 or Yalonde Tanner at (678) 686-6239.  

Mail Merge File Format

All files Microsoft Excel files. The following fields will be in each file:
  • Company (name of city to include "Town of" or "City of")
  • First_Name
  • Middle_Name
  • Last_Name
  • Prefix (Mr., Mrs.)
  • Suffix (Jr., Sr.)
  • Title
  • Address_1
  • Address_2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Company Sort (will allow you to sort the records by city name, without 'Town of' or 'City of' in the name)