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City seeking replacement for retiring administrator

June 20, 2019

McDuffie Progress

After 12 years of managing the City of Thomson, the administrator is retiring.

McDuffie and Thomson fire departments could merge in 60 days

April 4, 2019

McDuffie Progress

Within 60 days, the city and county fire department could become one.

City of Thomson offered $1.2 million loan for water meter replacements

February 13, 2019

McDuffie Progress

Thomson-McDuffie’s proposed project to change out all of the water meters could be financed by a $1.2 million loan from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority. (GEFA)

No housing authority eviction during shutdown

January 25, 2019

McDuffie Progress

The partial government shutdown is more than a month-long and fears are escalating about survival and eviction at local housing authorities.