GMA Hosts Past Presidents’ Dinner to Reconnect and Engage

February 20, 2018

This article appeared in the February 2018 issue of the Georgia's Cities newspaper.
(l to r) Former GMA Executive Director Jim Burgess, current GMA Executive Director Larry Hanson and former GMA Executive Directors Jim Higdon and Lamar Norton
Past and present GMA lead­ers met at the Atlanta Com­merce Club on Sunday, Jan. 21 for the association’s first Past Presidents’ Dinner. Laughter and memories filled the eve­ning as 21 past presidents and their spouses joined three for­mer executive directors, Lamar Norton, Jim Higdon and Jim Burgess; GMA’s current Execu­tive Director Larry Hanson, and GMA officers.
During her welcome, cur­rent GMA President Dorothy Hubbard expressed the associa­tion’s desire to stay connected with the former GMA leaders.
“While we’re here tonight for fellowship and reminiscing, please know that it is our desire to find ways to tap into the tre­mendous knowledge of cities and the vast experience each of you represents on a more regu­lar basis,” she said. “All of you are part of the GMA family and always will be.”
(l to r) Past President Willie Davis and his wife Ann with past President Hobby Stripling and his wife Ann
Hubbard also mentioned that she and new Executive Di­rector Larry Hanson shared the same goal of strengthening con­nections with past presidents.
As the night continued, past presidents expressed their ap­preciation for GMA and the association’s dedication to cit­ies and hosting the dinner cel­ebration.

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