GMEBS/WCSIF Board of Trustees

Oversight for the Georgia Municipal Employees Benefit System (GMEBS) Retirement Fund, the GMEBS OPEB Trust, the GMEBS Life and Health Insurance Fund and the GMA Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Fund (WCSIF) is provided by a 15-member board of trustees comprised of elected and appointed municipal officials from among the funds' membership.

The current members of the GMEBS/WCSIF Board include:


Mr. Kenneth L. Usry Mayor, City of Thomson

Vice Chairman

Mr. Danny Palmer Council Member, City of Camilla


Mr. Boyd Austin Mayor, City of Dallas
Mr. David Nunn City Manager, City of Madison
Mr. James F. Palmer Mayor, City of Calhoun
Ms. Beth English Council Member, City of Vienna
Ms. Meg Kelsey City Manager, City of LaGrange
Dr. Clemontine Washington Mayor Pro Tem, City of Midway
Mr. Ronald Feldner City Manager, City of Garden City
Ms. Rebecca Tydings City Attorney, City of Centerville
Ms. Marcia Hampton City Manager, City of Douglasville
Mr. Sam Norton Mayor, City of Dahlonega
Ms. Linda Blechinger Mayor, City of Auburn
Ms. Evie McNiece Commissioner, City of Rome
Mr. Vince Williams Mayor, City of Union City
GMEBS Board Meetings
GMEBS Board of Trustees Meetings are open to the public. A notice of the meeting will be posted at the location of the meeting a week prior to the meeting, and the agenda also will be posted before the meeting as soon as it is finalized (usually during the week before the meeting). The final agenda is also available upon request. A summary of the meeting and a list of attendees will be available upon request after the meeting. Minutes for the meetings are available for inspection after the next regularly scheduled meeting. Please call Doua Kue-Morris at (678) 686-6222 to request an agenda, meeting summary or copy of the minutes.