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For firefighters diagnosed with cancer, nothing is more important to their recovery than the peace of mind knowing they are supported by their family, friends and the community they serve. A diagnosis of cancer places a financial strain on individuals and families since not all related expenses are covered by insurance. Medical costs – deductibles, co-pays, out of network treatments - often grow beyond family budgets. And, firefighters who cannot return to employment will likely suffer a loss of income while struggling to recover their health.
In 2017, the Georgia General Assembly, recognizing the need to support its 35,000 firefighters and their families, passed HB 146 creating a cancer benefit requirement for eligible Georgia firefighters. This unique initiative, designed to bridge financial gaps following a cancer diagnosis, allows a firefighter to focus on healing.
The GMA-GIRMA Firefighters’ Cancer Benefit Program, covering both eligible employed and volunteer firefighters, has two primary components:
  • Lump-sum Cancer Benefit – This benefit, paid upon the diagnosis of cancer, can be used in any fashion – everyday living expenses such as utilities, groceries, or rent - to meet the financial needs of a firefighter at a difficult time.
  • Long-Term Disability Coverage – Long-Term Disability Insurance provides monthly benefit payments when a firefighter is unable to provide firefighter services for an extended period due to a cancer diagnosis. 
The GMA-GIRMA Firefighters’ Cancer Benefit Program satisfies the obligations of HB 146, required as of January 1, 2018. The program is affordably priced and provides eligible Georgia firefighters the coverage they need every day as they protect the citizens and property in the cities of the State of Georgia.

For more information about the program, please contact Dana Goodall at (678) 686-6220 or Stan Deese at (678) 686-6221.