Case Studies

Town of Register Receives $11,000 Check from GIRMA Two Days After Town Hall Burns Down

November 27, 2017

The Town of Register’s town hall, a historic former one-room schoolhouse, burned to the ground in early April 2017. GMA—through its GIRMA program—arrived the next day with a check in hand for $11,000 to immediately help the town.

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Griffin Human Resources Director Explains Why He Loves GMA’s GIRMA Helpline

October 30, 2015

Miles Neville, Griffin’s Human Resources director, has worked in his field for more than 25 years. And as part of his experience, he knows that he doesn’t know it all. In this interview, Neville talks about why smaller cities espe­cially need expert legal advice about employment and labor law, why this kind of expertise supplements the great work of city attorneys, and why the GIRMA helpline price—free!—is hard to beat.

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