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The GMA Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Fund (GMA WCSIF) features benefits customized specifically for municipal entities in over 35 years of operation.
  • With coverage from GMA WCSIF, you know your municipality and employees are protected for work-related injuries or illnesses. The program provides statutory workers’ compensation benefits and $2 million in per occurrence limits for Employers Liability.
  • GMA WCSIF provides proactive claims management including a 24/7 nurse triage line that affords immediate intervention in the event of an injury. Claims are handled quickly and efficiently with the goal of getting the injured employee back to work as soon as possible.
  • Medical bills are paid quickly and employees receive timely payment of indemnity benefits for lost wages.
  • GMA WCSIF utilizes PPO and pharmacy benefit networks to reduce overall claims costs.
  • Prevent employee accidents before they happen. GMA WCSIF provides free safety and loss control services to include facility inspections, risk identification analysis, on-site and regional training, webinars, recurring risk control publications, a video lending library and access to online training programs. We will help train your leaders to communicate the importance of safety to all levels of employees.
  • Participation in GMA WCSIF is available to eligible municipal corporations, municipal authorities, municipal commissions, housing authorities, regional commissions and municipal school districts. The program is owned by participating members.
  • Take advantage of grant opportunities to help fund workplace safety initiatives. Our Safety and Liability Management Grant Program offers opportunities to fund the purchase of equipment and training services to reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries and illnesses.


  • GMA WCSIF strives to provide the best value for workers’ compensation coverage available to municipal entities. Each member is rated individually and rewarded for positive loss experience through lower costs and increased employee productivity.
  • Free ancillary services including a variety of loss control services and training opportunities help defray costs members would otherwise incur in their risk management programs.
  • The Safety and Liability Management Grant provides a financial incentive to assist members in improving employee safety to reduce claims and ultimately reduce the overall total cost of risk for members.

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible for GMA’s Workers’ Compensation Fund if you’re a:
  • Municipality
  • Municipal authority
  • Municipal commission
  • Housing authority
  • Regional commission
  • Municipal school district
If you’re not insured with GMA’s Workers’ Compensation Fund, call us today. You can reach out to Stan Deese at (678) 686-6221. You may call toll-free at (888) 488-4462.