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Whether you have full time human resources staff or human resources is one of the many hats your staff wears, cities must follow every aspect of federal and state human resources law. So when city officials told us they needed assistance, we developed HR Express. The goal? Help cities stay informed of and compliant with HR laws and regulations. Through this GMA service, you receive access to HR experts at an extremely low cost. Those experts provide you timely, relevant information through city-customized webinars, newsletters, and an annual seminar.

Why GMA?

GMA’s history of pooling together normally high-priced resources such as attorneys and subject matter experts to help cities at a low cost means that you receive city-customized services that have your best interest in mind. HR Express follows in that tradition. You receive regular access to HR experts and critical information about human resources laws, trends, and best practices—all timely, relevant, and customized for cities.
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Service Details

Through an arrangement with the Atlanta law firm of Elarbee Thompson, GMA gives you low-cost access to experts in city-related human resources law and compliance. 

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