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VC3 logoFrom backing up and securing your data to modernizing your website, we know it’s tough for cities to invest in the right technology and hire the best professional expertise to guide them along. But those investments need to happen. Otherwise, your data and city operations are at risk. To address these needs cost-effectively without taking any shortcuts, we helped create a packaged technology service that we call “IT in a Box.”

Why GMA?

Using our unique resources and leveraging the strength of our membership, we worked with VC3 (GMA’s longtime IT consulting partner) to offer this customized IT service. As a one-stop shop product, we listened to the needs of cities to help identify the most essential municipal information technology needs. Then, we built them all into one low-cost product that’s implemented, managed, and supported by experienced, highly skilled IT professionals.

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Service Details

From the minute you say “go,” IT in a Box provides you with essential technology services and solutions that secure and modernize your city’s IT for a fraction of the typical costs.

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Participating Entities

Participating Entities

Get a list of all of the local government entities currently taking advantage of this service.

Other Resources

Other Resources

The resources for IT in a Box include information about how the service works and links to additional valuable information to aid the IT department.

Case Studies

Case Studies

These case studies demonstrate the potential benefits that cities could receive by participating in the IT in a Box service.

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