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Terminating an employee is already tough work. But you don’t need to add more pain—and cost—by spending lots of time and money on unemployment compensation paperwork, processes, and appeals. Since 1992, GMA—through a program administered by Equifax Workforce Solutions (formerly TALX)—has assisted cities with the filing and appeal of unemployment claims to ensure that costs are controlled and reduced as much as possible.


Why GMA?

The bottom line results:

  • In 2016, Equifax Workforce Solutions processed 452 unemployment claims for program members taking advantage of the Unemployment Compensation Cost Control service.
  • GMA program participants save approximately $100,000 each year in potential unemployment payments to former employees.
  • Georgia cities win over 80% of the protestable claims filed by terminated employees.
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For decades, Equifax has handled the complexities that arise between local governments and the Georgia Department of Labor.

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Participating Entities

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