Risk Management Services

As a joint program of the self-insurance funds of the Georgia Municipal Association and the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG), Local Government Risk Management Services (LGRMS) has provided loss prevention, loss control, and health promotion services for local governments since 1988. Combining the deep expertise and experience of both Georgia cities and Georgia counties, our customized risk management services meet your exact needs.

Risk Management Services

Through LGRMS, we offer different risk management services to meet your needs.

Health Promotion Services
As a Life and Health fund member, Health Promotion Services (HPS) helps you improve the health and wellness of employees by minimizing adverse health issues which affect the well-being and productivity of employees. We provide programs that help employees modify behaviors to decrease risks associated with many diseases. HPS includes assistance in distributing health awareness resources, delivering health communication and media campaigns, and both training and consultation to help with disease prevention and health education.

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Loss Control Services
We provide you a variety of loss prevention and loss control services to help you minimize workers' compensation, liability, and property exposures that cause losses. Our field representatives visit you onsite to consult with you about existing loss issues or help you evaluate your existing loss prevention and control efforts. We review your individual member losses to help determine loss trends and provide you a guide to focus your loss prevention and control activities. A variety of regional and onsite training programs help supplement our consulting.

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