SUEZ Advanced Solutions

SUEZ Advanced Solutions (Utility Service Co., Inc.) was first incorporated in 1963 in the Southeast USA. We started as a water tank painting contractor adding new services and expanding our footprint over the years to become one of the largest tank maintenance companies in the country. In 1985, we pioneered the concept of asset management in the water industry by creating a full-service tank maintenance program: a packaged offering that bundles in a single contract the rehabilitation and future maintenance of a water asset. We first restore the asset to its like new condition and take full responsibility for its maintenance on the long term. SUEZ Advanced Solutions has more than 6000 contracts in place for water infrastructure assets: storage tanks, wells, filter plants, pipe networks, etc. Since joining the SUEZ family in 2008, we have leveraged the global resources, technologies and experience of SUEZ to create innovative solutions that address the current challenges facing U.S. water and wastewater utilities. We help utilities navigate concerns such as water scarcity and increased regulations by providing well services that allow a more efficient and sustainable use of groundwater as well as a full range of technologies that optimize the quality of drinking water as it flows through the distribution system. We also provide Utilities with water and energy conservation solutions that help reduce non-revenue water and lower operating costs.
Mr. David Forrester
1230 Peachtree Street NE - Suite 1100
Atlana, GA 30309
(478) 396-4487


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