55 Trinity Ave., SW Ste. 2700
Atlanta GA 30303-3535

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(404) 330-6500


At a Glance

Population (official):


Population (Estimate):


Year of Incorporation:


Regional Commission:

Atlanta Regional

GMA District:




Hours & Meeting Times

City Hall Operating Hours:

8:30 to 5; M - F

Government Meets:

1st & 3rd Monday @ 1 PM

Elected Officials


Andre Dickens

Council Member

Byron Amos

Council Member

Liliana Bakhtiari

Council Member

Michael Bond

Council Member

Andrea Boone

Council Member

Jason Dozier

Council Member

Amir Farokhi

Council Member

Dustin Hillis

Council Member

Antonio Lewis

Council Member

Mary Norwood

Council Member

Marci Overstreet

Council Member

C. Howard Shook

Council Member

Keisha Waites

Council Member

Alex Wan

Council Member

Matt Westmoreland

Council Member

Jason Winston

Council President

Doug Shipman

Appointed Officials

Chief of Staff

Odie Donald

Chief Operating Officer

Lisa Benjamin

City Attorney

Nina Hickson

Municipal Clerk

Foris Webb

Other Officials*

Finance Officer

Jermaine McClain

Community Development

Chanel Zeisel

Public Information Officer

Patricia Walden

Finance Officer

Mohamed Balla

Finance Officer

Tina Wilson

Information Technology Contact

Daphne Rackley

Community Development

Joshua Humphries

Fire Chief

Roderick Smith

Police Chief

Darin Schierbaum

Municipal Court Clerk

Rashida Davis

Municipal Court Judge

Gary Jackson

Municipal Court Judge

Herman Sloan

Personnel Director

Tarlesha Smith

Public Information Officer

Christina Cruz-Benton

Purchasing Agent

Jaideep Majumdar

* Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.

State Senate

Senate District 40

Hon. Sally Harrell

Senate District 42

Hon. Elena Parent

Senate District 38

Hon. Horacena Tate

Senate District 44

Hon. Gail Davenport

Senate District 39

Hon. Sonya Halpern

Senate District 6

Hon. Jason Esteves

Senate District 14

Hon. Josh McLaurin

Senate District 36

Hon. Nan Orrock

State House

House District 60

Hon. Sheila Jones

House District 89

Hon. Becky Evans

House District 53

Hon. Deborah Silcox

House District 54

Hon. Betsy Holland

House District 56

Hon. Mesha Mainor

House District 59

Hon. Phil Olaleye

House District 55

Hon. Inga Willis

House District 61

Hon. Roger Bruce

House District 62

Hon. Tanya F. Miller

House District 90

Hon. Saira Draper

House District 82

Hon. Mary Margaret Oliver

House District 58

Hon. Park Cannon

House District 63

Hon. Kim Schofield

House District 83

Hon. Karen Lupton

House District 57

Hon. Stacey Evans


Congressional District 5

Hon. Nikema Williams

Congressional District 4

Hon. Hank Johnson

Congressional District 13

Hon. David Scott

U.S. Senate

Hon. Jon Ossoff
Hon. Raphael G. Warnock

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