PO Box 1390
Cartersville GA 30120-1390

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(770) 387-5616


(770) 386-5841

At a Glance

Population (official):


Population (Estimate):


Year of Incorporation:



Northwest Georgia

GMA District:




Hours & Meeting Times

City Hall Operating Hours:

8 to 5; M - F

Government Meets:

1st & 3rd Thursday

Elected Officials


Mr. Matt Santini

Council Member

Mr. Jayce Stepp

Council Member

Ms. Kari Hodge

Council Member

Mr. Taff Wren

Mayor Pro Tem

Mr. Calvin Cooley

Council Member

Mr. Gary Fox

Council Member

Mr. Cary Roth

Appointed Officials

City Attorney

Mr. Keith Lovell

City Clerk

Mrs. Julia Drake

City Manager

Mr. Dan Porta

Asst. City Clerk

Ms. Samantha Fincher

Other Officials*

Finance Officer

Mr. Thomas C. Rhinehart

Personnel Director

Ms. April Tolbert

Police Chief

Mr. Frank McCann

Fire Chief

Mr. Scott Carter

City Engineer

Mr. Wade Wilson

Gas Supt.

Mr. Michael Hill

Electrical Supt.

Mr. David Hampton

Water Supt.

Mr. Bob Jones

Wastewater Supt.

Mr. Bob Jones

Sanitation Supt.

Mr. Tommy Sanders

Public Works Director

Mr. Tommy Sanders

City Planner

Mr. David Hardegree

Code Enforcement

Ms. Donna Fritz

Information Technology Contact

Mr. Dan Porta

Municipal Court Judge

Mr. Harry White

Municipal Court Clerk

Ms. Dorothy Carson

Zoning Administrator

Mr. Randy Mannino

Parks & Recreation Director

Mr. Tom Gilliam

Downtown Manager

Ms. Lillie Read

* Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.

State Senate

Senate District 14

Senator Bruce Thompson


Senate District 52

Senator Chuck Hufstetler


State House

House District 14

Representative Mitchell Scoggins


House District 15

Representative Matthew Gambill


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