PO Box 609
Marietta GA 30061-0609

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(770) 794-5530


(770) 794-5505

At a Glance

Population (official):


Population (Estimate):


Year of Incorporation:


Regional Commission:

Atlanta Regional

GMA District:




Hours & Meeting Times

City Hall Operating Hours:

8 to 5; M - F

Government Meets:

2nd Wednesday

Elected Officials


Steve Tumlin

Council Member

Griffin Chalfant

Council Member

Joseph Goldstein

Council Member

Carlyle Kent

Council Member

Andy Morris

Council Member

Cheryl Richardson

Council Member

Andre Sims

Council Member

Johnny Walker

Appointed Officials

City Attorney

Doug Haynie

City Clerk

Stephanie Guy

City Manager

William Bruton

Other Officials*

City Engineer

Daniel Conn

Public Works Director

Daniel Conn

Economic Development Director

William Bruton

Code Enforcement

Gary Thomas

Purchasing Agent

Elizabeth Keller

Public Works Director

Mark Rice

Municipal Court Clerk

Pam Allen

Economic Development Director

Daniel Cummings

Electrical Supt.

Ernie Garcia

Finance Officer

Sam Lady

Fire Chief

Tim Milligan

Information Technology Contact

Ronald Barrett

Municipal Court Judge

Roger Rozen

Parks & Recreation Director

Richard Buss

City Planner

Rusty Roth

City Planner

Courtney Verdier

Police Chief

Dan Flynn

Public Information Officer

Lindsey Thompson

Sanitation Supt.

Leroy Jones

* Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.

State Senate

Senate District 38

Hon. Horacena Tate

Senate District 6

Hon. Jason Esteves

Senate District 33

Hon. Michael Rhett

Senate District 37

Hon. Ed Setzler

Senate District 32

Hon. Kay Kirkpatrick

State House

House District 34

Hon. Devan Seabaugh

House District 42

Teri Anulewicz

House District 43

Hon. Soloman Adesanya

House District 41

Hon. Michael Smith

House District 37

Hon. Mary Williams


Congressional District 6

Hon. Rich McCormick

Congressional District 11

Hon. Barry Loudermilk

U.S. Senate

Hon. Jon Ossoff
Hon. Raphael G. Warnock

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