2006 Heritage Walk
Milton GA 30004

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(678) 242-2500


(678) 242-2499

At a Glance

Population (official):


Population (Estimate):


Year of Incorporation:


Regional Commission:

Atlanta Regional

GMA District:




Hours & Meeting Times

City Hall Operating Hours:

8:30 til 5:00

Government Meets:

1st, 2nd & 3rd Monday of each month

Elected Officials


Peyton Jamison

Council Member

Carol Cookerly

Council Member

Jan Jacobus

Council Member

Juliette Johnson

Council Member

Rick Mohrig

Council Member

Andrea Verhoff

Mayor Pro Tem

Paul Moore

Appointed Officials

Assistant City Manager

Bernadette Harvill

City Attorney

Ken Jarrard

City Clerk

Tammy Lowit

City Manager

Steven Krokoff

Deputy City Manager

Stacey Inglis

Other Officials*

Municipal Court Judge

Brian Hansford

Code Enforcement

Chris Williams

Public Information Officer

Greg Botelho

Community Development

Robert Buscemi

Economic Development Director

Anita Jupin

City Engineer

Scott Tkach

Finance Officer

Karen Ellis

Fire Chief

Gabriel Benmoussa

Personnel Director

Niki Graham

Parks & Recreation Director

Tom McKlveen

Information Technology Contact

Ashley Smith

Municipal Court Clerk

Brooke Lappin

Police Chief

Rich Austin

Public Works Director

Sara Leaders

Purchasing Agent

Honor Motes

* Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.

State Senate

Senate District 21

Hon. Brandon Beach

State House

House District 47

Hon. Jan Jones

House District 49

Hon. Charles E. Martin, Jr.


Congressional District 6

Hon. Rich McCormick

U.S. Senate

Hon. Jon Ossoff
Hon. Raphael G. Warnock

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