38 Hill St
Roswell GA 30075-4563

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(770) 641-3727


At a Glance

Population (official):


Population (Estimate):


Year of Incorporation:


Regional Commission:

Atlanta Regional

GMA District:




Hours & Meeting Times

City Hall Operating Hours:

8 to 5; M - F

Government Meets:

2nd & 4th Monday @ 7 PM

Elected Officials


Kurt Wilson

Council Member

Sarah Beeson

Council Member

Christine Hall

Council Member

Lee Hills

Council Member

William Morthland

Council Member

Mike Palermo

Appointed Officials

City Administrator

Randy Knighton

City Attorney

David Davidson

City Clerk

Marlee Press

City Clerk

Marlee Press

Other Officials*

Public Information Officer

LaVonia Jones

Community Development

Jason Gaines

Public Information Officer

Julie Brechbill

Public Information Officer

Karen Zitomer

Municipal Court Clerk

Kimberly Moody

Public Works Director

Sharon Izzo

Finance Officer

Ryan Luckett

Municipal Court Judge

Brian Hansford

Parks & Recreation Director

Jeffrey Leatherman

City Planner

Jackie Deibel

Police Chief

James Conroy

Purchasing Agent

Gregory Anderson

Sanitation Supt.

Nick Pezzello

* Functional titles only. Actual titles may vary from city to city.

State Senate

Senate District 21

Hon. Brandon Beach

Senate District 14

Hon. Josh McLaurin

Senate District 56

Hon. John Albers

State House

House District 47

Hon. Jan Jones

House District 46

Hon. John Carson

House District 53

Hon. Deborah Silcox

House District 49

Hon. Charles E. Martin, Jr.

House District 48

Hon. Scott Hilton

House District 51

Hon. Esther Panitch


Congressional District 6

Hon. Rich McCormick

Congressional District 6

Hon. Lucy McBath

U.S. Senate

Hon. Jon Ossoff
Hon. Raphael G. Warnock

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