Youth Council Guidebook

Throughout the state, city leaders see their younger citizens as a resource for community problem-solving. In these cities, youth councils are working with elected officials and other city leaders to tackle important issues, and discovering that their voice matters to their city leaders. Cities using effective approaches to youth participation are realizing benefits such as budget savings and revenue generation; increased support for city initiatives and improved policies and programs for youth. But, how do you establish a youth council? How are they  funded? How are they structured? How are participants selected?

"Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today" was created to help you answer these questions. You are invited to download the guidebook as a PDF or by navigating through it via the table of contents.

"Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today" is the 2021 edition of GMA's youth council guidebook and is the result of a collaborative effort among GMA staff including Janice Eidson, former GMA Director of Conferences & Management Services; Kay Love, Managing Director, Georgia City Solutions; Brian Wallace, Director of Strategic Initiatives; Artiffany Stanley, Member Services Consultant; and Holger Loewendorf, former GMA Research Manager. Additionally, we thank Ilkka Kauppinen, MPA student at the University of Georgia, for his help in drafting and editing this publication.