Evaluate Your Progress

Once you have started your youth council, we recommend that you evaluate how well your program is operating as a way to further strengthen it. Evaluations can be conducted in different ways, such as collecting feedback from members. Evaluations may also help your city to design a Youth Master Plan as a next step on the path to integrate the youth council in the local community.

  • Questions to Consider

    • What kinds of quantitative and qualitative metrics are needed for evaluation?

    • What have been successful elements of the implementation?

    • What has made these successes possible?

    • How can we improve the youth council and how it is organized?

    • How has the youth council impacted the community?

  • How to Conduct the Evaluation

    • GMA offers graduate students opportunities to participate in the Local Government Practicum. This free service is available to every city in Georgia and offers you an easily accessible way to have your youth council evaluated.

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