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Working toward a great census response

July 9, 2020

Washington News-Reporter

A strategy luncheon for Census 2020 in Wilkes County was held at the end of last month during which five met to formulate a plan on how to increase the response rate for Wilkes County, the City of Washington, and the surrounding townships.

State of Emergency Declared in Washington

March 20, 2020

Washington News-Reporter

The City of Washington has officially declared a state of emergency in the city, has closed all public buildings, and has banned all “mass gatherings” of 10 or more people on public property, with the exceptions of City Council meetings.

City’s electric utility could see boost; IGA’s will not see automatic renewal

March 12, 2020

Washington News-Reporter

At least some relief for the City of Washington’s straining electric utility could be on the way with the addition of another crypto-currency customer and the clarified arrangements with two other Georgia cities to purchase some of Washington’s excess power capacity through the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG).