GMA Advocates for Cities at LMIG Allocation Study Committee

September 20, 2019

Various factors can affect the transportation needs of local governments, and the Local Maintenance and Improvement Grants (LMIG) program should reflect the diversity of characteristics among city and county jurisdictions. A House Transportation Special Subcommittee has begun an analysis of the LMIG allocation formula. GMA was there to testify that the program should be modernized to measurements of lane miles rather than just center-line miles, vehicle miles traveled, congestion, road capacity and type of road.

Image of presentation to LMIG
GMA Govt Relations Director Tom Gehl, Gainesville Public Works Director Chris Rotalsky & Oakwood City Manager Stan Brown testifying about needed improvements to the LMIG formula.

The purpose of the meeting was to determine:
  1. Is the current formula reasonable, considering the many factors that affect road use and the need for funding of road repairs and expansion?
  2. Is the formula effective, appropriately meeting the unique needs of local governments in all parts of Georgia?
  3. Is the process streamlined?
During the meeting, the GDOT gave a brief history and overview of the LMIG program. Afterwards, representatives from GMA, ACCG, city and county officials held presentations on how local governments have used LMIG funds and the effectiveness of the program.
After hearing from city and county governments about how the LMIG program has worked at a local level, it's hoped the committee will make informed recommendations to how the funds are allocated to ensure each city and county receives the maximum possible benefit. After the presentations, the committee opened the meeting for public comment.

This LMIG subcommittee will meet again in Macon in November.

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