GMA Commends Gov. Kemp for Sharing CARES Act Funds

GMA commends Gov. Kemp on his decision to share CARES Act funds with city and county governments as the fight against COVID-19 continues.

“This will certainly help all local governments particularly at this time of great expense due to managing the additional costs associated with COVID-19,” said GMA Executive Director Larry Hanson. “We appreciate Gov. Kemp’s continued dialogue with city leaders and being responsive to their needs and concerns.”

In addition, GMA calls on the county commissioners in Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett counties to equitably share with constituent city governments a portion of the direct allocation each of these counties received from the CARES Act.

“This is a time for these county leaders to recognize that city residents are county residents too,” said Tom Gehl, GMA director of governmental relations. “Costs incurred due to the coronavirus pandemic are born by all local governments. It is crucial that county leaders understand we are all in this together and we should share resources.”

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