Georgia Cities Week Takes Cities to New Heights

May 8, 2024

Georgia Cities Week has once again soared across the state, propelled by our communities' collective spirit and pride. The theme, “Soaring to New Heights,” perfectly encapsulates the ambitious endeavors and collective aspirations that marked this annual celebration's 25th anniversary.

Fire Chief with local kids next to fire truck.
From the vibrant streets of Atlanta to the quaint charm of towns like Douglas, municipalities statewide showcased their unique attributes and initiatives, inviting citizens to explore, connect, and envision the future together. Throughout the week-long festivities, many events and activities have captured the imagination and fostered a sense of unity among residents.

Cities have embraced the theme by organizing various events, from city hall open houses inviting the public to interact with their local government officials to neighborhood clean-ups to keep the cities and spaces they love the cleanest. Interactive workshops, historical tours, and coloring contests for the youth have further enriched the tapestry of experiences, offering something for everyone to enjoy.

City policeman with resident

Here's what some cities had to say about their city's celebrations and what the annual weeklong celebration means to their cities:

Citizens cleaning up the city.
“We are immensely proud of our city and the services we offer to our residents and visitors. Cities play a vital role in providing necessary infrastructure and services that facilitate business growth and create a platform for events that bring families and individuals together as a community.” – Mayor Tony Paulk, City of Douglas

City police officer with child.
“Georgia Cities Week caused so many smiles in the city of Commerce! From Touch, a Truck with kids laughing because they could blow a horn on a big fire truck, dog owners when we opened the new Dog Park, or the staff at lunch in the park with burgers and ice cream! Georgia Cities Week was a wonderful week of smiles!” – Sandra Haggard, City Clerk, Commerce

“The city of Hahira, staff, and community, look forward to Georgia Cities Week each year. It is a time to highlight our great city and celebrate with the community. It is always so exciting to see everyone get involved in various activities throughout the week. We are grateful for all the Georgia Municipal Association does to help advocate and promote this initiative.” – Mayor Bruce Cain, City of Hahira

City fire crew next to fire truck.
“We held our main city event on April 24 in the afternoon. We had announced the event and sent out flyers for everyone to come to city hall and enjoy the afternoon with their children. We had our fire truck, street sweeper, and police cruisers for all the kids to learn about and take their photos with each vehicle. We provided an ice cream truck with free ice cream for everyone. The kids had the opportunity to learn about fire safety and how each city vehicle worked. The kids loved taking their photos in the police cruisers and making the sirens sound. Each child was given a fire helmet, a hard hat, and a police badge. It was a very exciting afternoon for the city, the children, and their parents.” – Mayor Vickie Nail, City of Reidsville

Georgia Cities Week has been not only a celebration but also a platform for local leaders to actively engage with their constituents. This engagement has fostered dialogue and collaboration, addressed pressing issues, and shaped a brighter tomorrow for our communities.

As Georgia Cities Week ended, the spirit of unity and progress ignited during this celebration will undoubtedly endure, propelling communities across the state towards even more significant achievements in the future.

Relive the moments from this year’s events throughout the state by watching the video below.

Until next time, Georgia Cities!

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