Defined Benefit Program

After years of devotion to municipal service, your employees shouldn’t have to worry about what happens when they retire. That’s where our Georgia Municipal Employee Benefit System (GMEBS) Retirement Fund steps in. Created in 1965, our longstanding fund offers customized retirement coverage for more than 290 local government entities. Learn more about our retirement benefits and plan options.

Why GMA?

  • We have more than 55 years of experience helping members like you with retirement benefits.
  • Our membership-controlled retirement fund has more than 290 members.
  • With assets in excess of $3 billion, our fund covers more than 40,000 municipal employees, retirees, and beneficiaries.
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Our $3 billion+ in assets have withstood the test of time and successfully weathered major recessions and downturns. By combining our member assets, we achieve investment economies of scale.

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The forms in this section are supplied for general use by participants in the retirement fund. For city-specific forms, please contact your pension committee secretary.



Get a list of all of the local government entities currently taking advantage of this service.

Other Resources

Other Resources

These resources for the Defined Benefit program include a link to a listing of the Board of Trustees members and the RMEBS annual report video.

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