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In your dealings with cable and telecommunications companies in relation to a state or local franchise issue, rights of way usage, or day-to-day service, do you:
  • Receive the maximum amount of your franchise fees allowed by law?
  • Believe that rights of way are effectively managed by these companies?
  • Hear numerous complaints from citizens about cable or telecommunications service?
  • Fully understand the financial and legal ramifications when companies place equipment on municipal property?

If you have doubts or your answer is “no” to these questions, then call GMA today for a free consultation.

We will review your current situation to see if you might be losing money or if you need expert assistance dealing with legal and regulatory issues related to cable and telecommunications companies.

Your low annual fee includes the following services.

Franchise Fee Reviews

We often find underpaid fees from cable and telecommunications providers due to negligence, change of accounting personnel and/or accounting systems, or changes in laws that impact what companies should be paying. In a franchise fee review, we work with the cable or telecommunications company on your behalf to:

  • Collect and review detailed information about the company’s revenues, calculation and remittance of franchise fees, financial statements, billing reports, and number of subscribers.
  • Compare the company’s franchise fee remittance against what is owed to the city in accordance with applicable state or local law.
  • Assist the City in recovering any underpaid fees to the city.

Franchise Management

Cable and telecommunication laws are ever changing at the federal and state level. Plus, cable and telecommunications companies often approach cities with new proposals, new deals, and new information – without clear, easy-to-understand explanations.

Without an expert to stay on top of this information, you can find yourself failing to collect the proper fees owed you or failing to negotiate a deal that serves the best interests of your city – which could cost your city tens of thousands of dollars and possibly put your assets at risk.

On an ongoing basis, we provide:

  • Proactive recommendations, when appropriate, to strengthen existing cable and telecom agreements and explore ways that cities can recoup or negotiate for more money in accordance with applicable state or local law.
  • Experienced consultants ready to negotiate with cable and telecommunication companies on your behalf.
  • Right-of-way management to ensure cable and telecommunication companies access, use, and repair city property in a cost-effective, lawful manner.
  • Assistance in resolving consumer complaints from cable companies.
  • Assistance with franchise renewals and negotiating a local franchise.
  • Assistance in understanding state franchise laws.
  • Management of all your cable and telecommunication franchise fees.
  • Regular reviews and updates on all existing cable and telecommunications laws and industry changes that affect you.
  • Assistance with negotiating pole attachment agreements.

Cellular Tower Lease Negotiations

GMA will also help you with any cellular tower lease negotiations with telecommunication providers. Our industry knowledge, surveys, databases, and research into local and national rates helps us negotiate with companies to make sure they are paying you appropriate fees for using your city owned facilities and that lease agreements are drafted for the benefit of the municipality.


For budget-conscious cities, legal fees related to cable and telecommunications franchising can be expensive and inconsistent. As your municipal advocate, we pool together resources and expertise to make such a high-end service affordable and predictable for you. Reach out to us for more information about costs.

Ready to tackle your cable and telecommunications challenges? Call Darin Jenkins (678)686-6264. If you are outside of the Atlanta metro area, you may call toll-free (888) 488-4462