Equipment & Real Estate Financing Programs

Since 1991, GMA has worked with Georgia’s cities to finance essential equipment and qualified real estate purchases. GMA has closed over 5,750 individual transactions totaling over $2.0 billion in notional value.

Why GMA?

  • GMA works with a number of regional/local banks to ensure your city obtains competitive interest rates and flexible transaction terms.  GMA routinely obtains interest rates lower than what is offered by other financing sources.
  • GMA is already an established lessor and prepares all required documentation.  Our programs have been in existence since 1991, allowing GMA to provide a streamlined origination/closing process.  There are no legal fees for the Direct Lease Program and the legal fees associated with the Bricks & Mortar Program are typically much lower than other similar financing alternatives.
  • We work for you.  GMA has a dedicated Financial Services team to work with your city on its equipment and real estate needs.  We coordinate with your finance team from origination to close and are readily available to answer questions throughout the process. 

More Information

Direct Lease Program

Direct Lease Program

Finances essential equipment including police/fire vehicles, heavy equipment, computer servers and other essential projects. 

Bricks & Mortar Program

Bricks & Mortar Program

Finances qualified real estate purchases including City Halls, Fire/Police Stations, Parks/Theaters/Greenspaces and other qualified real estate.

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