Local Government Practicum Program Application

Background and Mission
In 2007, GMA began a partnership with the University of Georgia to offer a program that connects MPA students with cities that need help with research projects. GMA’s Local Government Practicum seeks to provide real-world experience for Georgia’s future local government managers. Through partnerships with four universities in Georgia, GMA:
  • Provides cities with assistance on research projects for which they may not otherwise have the time or resources
  • Connects students to cities so that they can gain hands-on experience and build relationships and networks with local government professionals
  • Connects universities to cities for community outreach and workforce development.

Projects for consideration can be submitted year-round. There is no deadline to apply.
Examples of past projects:
  • Performance measurements
  • Social media strategies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Tourism plans
  • Citizens academies
  • Economic development studies
  • Event permitting recommendations
  • Citizen surveys

Program Guidelines
  • Eligible projects can be completed within a 3-4 month time frame.
  • Applicants must identify a point of contact who will be available by phone, email, or in person for the student to work with throughout the semester.
  • Students are expected to visit client cities a minimum of 2-3 times during the semester. Unlike an internship, the student works independently on a single project so there is no need for the manager to provide day-to-day supervision.
  • There is no cost to the city to participate. Students provide assistance to cities for course credit and experience.
  • Projects are selected by students according to their educational background, expertise, and academic/professional goals.
  • GMA staff will serve as a liaison between the client city, the student, and the professor and will remain in contact with each throughout the semester.
  • Deliverables will be provided to client cities at the close of the semester in electronic and printed format.
  • Applicants must certify that the primary contact or at least one representative from the city will participate in the final project presentations at the end of the semester.
Georgia Municipal Association
Local Government Practicum Program Application

I certify that the Primary Contact identified above, or a designated representative of my city who is substantially involved with the Practicum project, will attend the final Practicum project presentations at the conclusion of the semester.
Signature of Primary Contact
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