Serve on the RMEBS Boards

Interested in Serving on the RMEBS Boards? Want to Recommend Someone? Here is what you need to know.

Qualifications to Serve

To be nominated, an individual must

  1. be a U.S. citizen residing in Georgia,
  2. be a current elected or appointed official or employee of a city that participates in the GMEBS Defined Benefit Retirement Plan and in GIRMA, and
  3. have timely completed and submitted a nomination form that includes a description of obligations, information about qualities identified in the Bylaws, and an affirmation of willingness to serve.

Length of Service

An individual may serve a maximum of three consecutive full terms on the RMEBS Boards. Terms are currently for six (6) years, but trustees elected on or after July 1, 2020, will serve four (4) year terms.

Nomination Forms

There are two Nomination Forms. The “Recommend Yourself” Form is completed entirely by the person who wishes to become a Trustee. Once it is submitted, it will be reviewed by the GMA Deputy Executive Director, Risk Management and Employee Benefits Services or his designee for completeness and forwarded to the Nominating Committee. The “Recommend Someone” nomination form is a two-step process. First, the recommender completes information about the candidate and submits it. Second, the candidate receives a partially completed form that shows what the recommender wrote, answers certain qualification questions, affirms willingness to serve, and submits the form. If the candidate is not interested, he or she does not submit the form and the recommender’s form will not be considered.

The Nomination Forms are designed to support the following goals set forth in the Bylaws of the RMEBS Funds:

“The Board and the Members shall strive to maintain diversity among the Board with the goal of achieving an appropriate representation of employers offering programs overseen by the Board. When nominating, appointing, or electing Trustees, the Board and Members shall consider participation in programs overseen by the Board as well as differences in geographic location, population size, number of employees of the employers offering programs overseen by the Board, and the differing professional and life experiences of all nominees. Nominees must be willing to meet the time and training requirements and have demonstrated reliability, discretion and sound decision-making skills.”

Use one of our nomination forms to recommend yourself or another individual as a potential nominee, or to see the requirements, expectations and anticipated meeting schedule for RMEBS Program trustees.

Selection of Nominees

For Elections at Annual Memberships Meetings

The Nominating Committee will review the nomination forms that have been submitted and select the nominees to be presented to the GMEBS, GMA WCSIF and GIRMA members for election during the joint annual memberships meeting. The Nominating Committee will notify the members of its selected nominees at least 30 days before the election. If a member files a written request to nominate a qualifying individual for election to a specific slot at least 14 days before the election, that nominee will also be presented to the memberships.

For Vacancy Appointments

When there is a vacancy on the RMEBS Boards, the Nominating Committee will review the nomination forms and select a nominee for appointment by majority vote of the remaining Trustees. Any Trustee may also nominate a qualified individual during such a vote.