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Berkeley Lake

More Gwinnett cities extend Sunday alcohol sales with brunch bill

November 8, 2019

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Five cities in Gwinnett County approved earlier Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants on Election Day.

Berkeley Lake to decide on Sunday Brunch Bill

October 11, 2019

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Residents of Berkeley Lake are encouraged to vote on the proposed “Brunch Bill” to allow alcoholic beverage sale to begin at 11 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

Officials seeking reelection in Berkeley Lake will run unopposed

August 29, 2019

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Incumbent candidates Mayor Lois Salter and City Council Members Bob Smith and Rebecca Spitler qualified without opposition and will automatically be reelected.

Berkeley Lake lowers 2019 millage rate

July 10, 2019

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

By reducing the city’s millage rate, many property owners could see a slight decrease in property taxes.