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Buckhead goes big

December 11, 2020

Morgan County Citizen

The Buckhead Town Council passed several measures at a special called meeting on Nov. 30 to clear the way for significant expansion and developments to unfold.

In Buckhead, familiar debates arise over crime and influence

November 2, 2020

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Buckhead residents have provided hours of public comment during recent Atlanta City Council meetings and pressured city and police officials to take aggressive new steps to combat street racing and other crimes.

Town’s fate rests with city council

October 1, 2020

Morgan County Citizen

A controversial proposal will be decided by Buckhead’s Town Council that could double the size of the town and open the door for massive commercial and residential developments.

Buckhead next epicenter of development?

September 25, 2020

Morgan County Citizen

A controversial proposal currently being considered would nearly double the size of the Town of Buckhead and create a new zoning district that would allow for massive residential and commercial developments.