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Local leaders continue to adjust for growth in Columbia County

September 16, 2019

Augusta Chronicle

Preparing the county for additional growth was a common theme among local officials who spoke at the annual State of the Community Address in Grovetown on Thursday.

Grovetown resident plans to sue city over sewer fees

September 16, 2019

Augusta Chronicle

Grovetown resident plans to sue the city over sewer fees.

Jones unopposed; several pursue Harlem seats

August 22, 2019

Augusta Chronicle

Grovetown Mayor Gary Jones and councilmen Eric Blair and Allen Transou are unopposed for reelection with the end of candidate qualifying Wednesday.

Grovetown discusses possible overhaul of form-based code

July 15, 2019

Augusta Chronicle

The city of Grovetown may consider reviewing the form-based code and supporting documents after a councilmember highlighted discrepancies over certain parts and residents have complained.

Grovetown no longer considering full-time status for mayor

May 14, 2019

Augusta Chronicle

Grovetown needs more time to flesh out the details of whether the job of mayor should change to full-time with a salary increase.

Grovetown to consider pay increase, full-time status for mayor

May 6, 2019

Augusta Chronicle

Grovetown could be changing its mayoral role to a full-time position and increasing the position’s salary in 2020.

Grovetown gathering input on senior activities

April 25, 2019

Augusta Chronicle

The City of Grovetown is asking its senior residents for their input on activities for their age group at Liberty Park Community Center.