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Historic marker unveiled in Hogansville Saturday

September 17, 2019

LaGrange Daily News

The Georgia Historical Society and City of Hogansville dedicated a historic marker Saturday in honor of former postmaster Isaiah Lofton, who lived through an assassination attempt in 1897.

Hogansville cancels contract

August 22, 2019

LaGrange Daily News

The City of Hogansville ended its hotel-motel tax contract with the LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce at Monday night’s meeting.

Hogansville City Manager reflects on review

July 25, 2019

LaGrange Daily News

Hogansville City Manager David Milliron received high marks from most of the city council in his recent job performance review.

Hogansville Police Department event a success

July 19, 2019

LaGrange Daily News

Over the weekend the Hogansville Police Department serviced more than 100 animals that were microchipped or given Parvo or Bordetella shots.

HPD to host free microchipping event for pets

July 10, 2019

LaGrange Daily News

The Hogansville Police Department and Troup County Animal Shelter will be providing over 100 free identification chips and Parvo and Bordetella shots on Saturday, July 13. The first two animals of each household are free, and any additional animal will be $10.

Hogansville delays decisions

July 3, 2019

LaGrange Daily News

During Monday night’s Hogansville city council meeting, the council held off on passing action items on sanitation rates and fees that were previously discussed at the work session on June 20.

Semis ignoring signs in Hogansville

May 31, 2019

LaGrange Daily News

Within two days of one another, two 18-wheelers have kept trucking after seeing “No Truck” signs at the railroad crossing at Johnson Street in Hogansville, according to City Manager David Milliron.

Hogansville repairs Royal Theater roof, prepares for repairs at future city hall

April 3, 2019

LaGrange Daily News

Hogansville’s Royal Theater will only serve in its current role as city hall for a few more months, but thanks to recent roof repairs, the 82-year-old building is now in good shape to finish strong as a government building before becoming a theater once again.