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Lampl wins Morrow mayoral runoff; Ferguson, Vuong tied at 300 votes each

December 4, 2019

Clayton News Daily

John Lampl has won the mayor's race in Morrow, beating Mayor Jeff DeTar 335 to 270.

Morrow election results: Lampl wins mayor; Vuong, Tran oust Ferguson, Bridges; ballot measures fail

November 12, 2019

Clayton News Daily

Jeff Lampl is back in Morrow, this time as mayor.

Morrow extends moratorium on permits for some new businesses

September 27, 2019

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The city of Morrow has extended a moratorium on new permits for nail salons, convenience stores, and more.

To get in convention game, Morrow needs $800,000 facility update

September 26, 2019

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

If the city of Morrow wants to be in the convention game, it’s going to have to pony up almost $800,000 to upgrade its meeting space, the new operator of the facility says.

Morrow City Council to consider Jesters Creek Trail project,public wi-fi, electric vehicle charging station tonight

September 11, 2019

Clayton News Daily

The Jesters Creek Trail Project would acquire land between I-75 and Morrow Road to construct the project. Funding, which will come from the Federal Highway Administration, goes through the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Morrow City Council to explore proposed Tourism Center changes Tuesday

June 28, 2019

Clayton News Daily

Redic said one idea is to make the Welcome Center more of a "plug in and unplug" space with "a coffee house vibe, where people gather, enjoy free wifi, study, work, people will actually use it."

Morrow leaders to discuss putting “brunch bill” on fall ballot

June 12, 2019

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Morrow leaders will discuss Tuesday whether to put legislation that would allow for earlier Sunday sales of alcohol -- the so-called “brunch bill” -- on the ballot this fall.