Are you ready for #CityHallSelfie Day on Aug. 15?

August 9, 2019

City Hall Selfie Day
This year #CityHallSelfie Day (Sponsored by ELGL) is Thursday, August 15th—And we really want Georgia to WIN again and be well represented. But, that’s only possible with the participation and support from elected officials, city management and staff and also residents! We also encourage communities that are home to notable residents and celebrities or movie/TV filmings to reach out to them and request city-hall selfies. 

Here’s How to Participate:
  • Take Selfies: As we go into the weekend and over the next month, please encourage all of your residents, staff, elected officials, friends and family to take selfies in front of the city halls and government buildings in your communities.
  • Get Creative: Here’s a list of awards that your city could win! How creative and innovative will you get?
  • Post to Your City’s Official Social Media (if applicable): Remember to post on August 15th and please mention tag: @gacities (twitter), @Georgia Municipal Association (Facebook) and @ELGL on all social networks. You can also tag: #GaCities, #CityHallSelfie and #ELGL.
  • Send GMA Your Pictures: In addition to you sharing on your own platforms, we’d like to spread the “Georgia #CityHallSelfie” love on our pages as well.  Please send them to or direct mention us and we will share or retweet directly from there.
In the meantime, take a look at GMA’s #CityHallSelfie fun from last year in this wrap-up video

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