Brady Appoints Property Committee

September 5, 2014

GMA President Keith Brady has appointed a Property Committee to explore options for expanding GMA’s offices and developing property GMA has acquired in recent years.

“During the downturn in the economy, we had the opportunity to secure some nearby property that we knew GMA would likely need in the future,” Brady said. “It’s apparent that our operations have outgrown the current building, so we need to look at how we want to develop that property and build for the future.”

GMA has been in its current location at the corner of Trinity and Pryor Streets in Atlanta since 1985. It’s location near the Capitol and Interstates makes it convenient for city officials to visit the Capitol and state office buildings.

“The location of the GMA offices have served us well,” said Brady. “The acquisition of land in the same area was key for us as we looked at future needs.”

The Property Committee will consider options for how to develop the parcels currently being operated as parking lots and how to provide for GMA’s current and future space needs.

Members of the committee are:

  • Dublin Mayor Phil Best
  • Marietta Councilmember Philip Goldstein
  • Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard
  • Rome Commissioner Evie McNiece
  • Dahlonega Councilmember Sam Norton
  • Smyrna Councilmember Melleny Pritchett
  • Hinesville Mayor James Thomas
  • LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton. 

“I feel confident the members of this committee will do a great job weighing the needs of GMA, the membership and the neighborhood where our headquarters are located,” said Brady.

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