Certified Cities of Ethics and New Organization of Ethics Were Recognized During the Georgia Municipal Association Annual Convention

June 29, 2023

The Georgia Municipal Association recognized two new Certified Cities of Ethics, the newest Organization of Ethics, as well as 32 cities that have recently met the requirements for recertification.    

The Certified Cities of Ethics program was established by GMA over twenty years ago to help raise awareness about ethics issues at the local level and provide a local forum for the airing and resolution of legitimate concerns.  

In order to become a Certified City of Ethics, the governing body must adopt an ethics ordinance that meets minimum standards approved by the GMA Board of Directors, as well as adopt a resolution establishing five ethics principles for the conduct of the city’s officials.   

The Five Ethics Principles are: 

  1. Serve others, not ourselves​ 
  2. Use resources with efficiency and economy​ 
  3. Treat all people fairly​ 
  4. Use the power of our position for the well-being of our constituents​ 
  5. Create an environment of honesty, openness, and integrity 

The City of Lenox  and The City of Stonecrest  are the two newest Certified Cities of Ethics.  The Georgia Municipal Association has become an organization of ethics and adopting the same five principles.  

The recently recertified Cities of Ethics include:  

  • The City of Acworth  
  • The City of Ball Ground   
  • The City of Barnesville  
  • The City of Brunswick  
  • The City of Buford  
  • The City of Centerville  
  • The City of Dahlonega  
  • The City of Dawsonville  
  • The City of Donalsonville  
  • The City of Douglas  
  • The City of Dunwoody  
  • The City of Good Hope  
  • The City of Grantville  
  • The City of Hampton  
  • The City of Hinesville  
  • The City of Hiram  
  • The City of Luthersville  
  • The City of Maysville  
  • The City of McDonough   
  • The City of Midway  
  • The City of Mount Vernon  
  • The City of Newnan  
  • The City of Nicholson  
  • The City of Norcross  
  • The City of Sandersville  
  • The City of Screven  
  • The City of Stone Mountain  
  • The City of Sugar Hill  
  • The City of Suwanee  
  • The Town of Trion  
  • The City of Vienna  
  • The City of Waycross  

 More than 245 cities have been certified through the program since its inception.  

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