DCA Provides Program Updates, Deadline Extensions in Response to COVID-19

March 30, 2020

The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has created a list of updates for programs that directly impact cities.

  • The CDBG application deadline (as well as the deadline for RAS submissions) has been extended to May 1.  All applicants must be sent via mail, versus hand delivery.
  • Jurisdictions with Comprehensive Plan deadlines (as well as those for Capital Improvement Elements and/or Service Delivery Strategy) of June 30 will have the ability to request an extension.
  • DCA is coordinating with the Department of Audits and Accounts to allow extensions for jurisdictions submitting their FY19 audit. These requests should be made via email to locgov@audits.ga.gov.
  • Local Governments with an annual Hotel-Motel Excise Tax Report for FY19 due between March 31-June 30, 2020 can request a one-time 90-day extension. These requests should be made via email to DCA.Research@dca.ga.gov.

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