GMA, GCF and GDA Partner for New Podcast

September 6, 2019

The Development Sessions is a new 2019 offering courtesy of Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), Georgia Cities Foundation (GCF) and the Georgia Downtown Association (GDA). Each session is designed to provide economic and community development professionals with the most current information, tools, professional insight, and resources available to augment municipal downtown development efforts and initiatives through departmental collaboration.
Image of podcast recording.

The latest podcast focuses on cultivating relationships with Downtown Developers. Downtown professionals are charged with finding development partners that have the skills and resources to assist municipalities with their downtown master plans and vision. Whether they develop one building, an entire block, or a large portion of a master plan, downtown developers are crucial partners in downtown revitalization. It is important for downtown professionals, Downtown Development Authority’s, elected officials, and city staff to understand the dynamics of downtown development and the role that private sector developers can play. This session will provide participants with an introduction to some of Georgia’s most innovative downtown developers, their projects, and best practices for successful downtown development projects.

You can find the podcast here.

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