New Fees for Local Governments

April 19, 2016

The Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) has begun notifying local governments about new fees they are responsible for as a result of the passage of House Bill 170, the Georgia Transportation Funding Act, during the 2015 Georgia General Assembly.

The new law establishes annual Highway Impact fees for all motor vehicles which are 15,500 lbs. and greater. For vehicles weighing 15,500 lbs. to 26,000 lbs. the annual Highway Impact Fee is $50. For vehicles weighing 26,001 lbs. and greater the annual Highway Impact Fee is $100.

House Bill 170 also created new annual Alternative Fuel Vehicle fees which apply to all qualifying vehicles that use an alternative fuel. For non-commercial Alternative Fuel Vehicles, the annual fee Is $200. Although government vehicle registrations are not required to be renewed annually, these fees are due annually.

DOR has created a process for government entities to verify qualifying inventory and make payments electronically or by mail to the department each year. Each local government will soon receive, or may have already received, a letter from DOR explaining this process and providing you with instructions on how to pay the fees.
HB170 also imposes a $5 per night fee on hotel and motel stays.

While local governments are exempt from taxes, they are not exempt from fees and are required to pay the hotel fee, heavy vehicle fee, and alternative vehicle fee.
DOR has issued policy bulletins that contain additional information:
  GMA is providing this information to outline the requirements for these fees as they pertain to city governments. If you have any detailed questions, please contact the DOR at the numbers below, or you may contact Becky Taylor of the GMA staff at or 678-686-6276.
DOR Contact Numbers:
  • For motor vehicle inquiries: 1-855-406-5221
  • For local government services: 404-724-7000

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