New Milton City Hall Embraces Collaboration as a Workplace of the Future

August 23, 2017

This article appeared in the August 2017 issue of the Georgia's Cities newspaper.
The workspace outside of Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood’s office.
The city of Milton broke from a “traditional” city hall design to one that blends its heritage and a modern workplace. In June, the city celebrated the grand opening of the new Milton City Hall, a 33,500-square-foot building that fos­ters collaboration between staff and city departments and engages community members on a more personal level. The new city hall was designed by COOPER CARRY, a global architecture firm founded in 1960. 
“Every design decision ran through the funnel of what it would mean for the people of Milton,” said Sean McLendon, principal in COOPER CARRY’s Cor­porate and Government studios. “They wanted their city hall to be different. It is a celebration of what they’ve accomplished, and emulates how they want to serve their constituents. It’s a very modern, high-tech building that speaks to the history of this area, and addresses a determined approach to connect to the community.”
The teaming tables are ideal for impromptu meetings.
The new building’s emphasis on collaboration can be found in the admin­istrative wing that houses city employees. Spaces for teaming tables are de­signed to foster impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions for workers stationed at nearby desks. A new “innovation hub” area near Mayor Joe Lock­wood’s office will accommodate presentations with prospective companies looking to relocate.

The new Milton City Hall also includes flat panel displays and interactive ki­osks that showcase volunteer initiatives, community celebrations and key mile­stones for the city’s police and fire departments. The city hall offers a detached single story building with green space that serves as a community center for festivals and other public events.

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