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Program Aimed at Educating First Responders on Pipeline Emergencies

November 16, 2017

Robert Singletary, Past President, Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs

The gas industry in Georgia understands the importance of proper training for responding to gas emergencies, which is why these professionals have partnered with us at the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs (GAFC) to create the Georgia Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative (GPERI). 

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Leaders Called to ‘Interlock’ for Problem Solving, Better Communities

November 14, 2017

Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, GMA President

One thing that invariably happens to us as elected officials is that people and organizations want our time, and they want us to engage with them. To be effective leaders that have a broad under­standing of what is going on in our communi­ties, regions and state, we should want to be engaged with others. 

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Technical College System of Georgia Provides Statewide Talent

October 23, 2017

Gretchen Corbin, Commissioner, Technical College System of Georgia

Georgia has been named the num­ber one state to do business four years in a row. As Georgia’s economy grows, the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) strives to ensure a steady flow of qualified workers for our existing and new employers within Georgia. 

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How Cities Can Better Partner With GEDA

October 20, 2017

Kevin Shea President, Georgia Economic Developers Association

I’m proud to share that some of the recent GEDA programs have focused on placemaking and film development. These programs have highlighted the ways that cities can benefit from and partner with GEDA. In building these new programs and seeing the benefits of the GEDA network, we’ve seen cities take their concerns in public safety, infrastructure and broadband and make developers from across the state aware of their needs and opportunities for new investments.

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GMA Prepares Cities for and Embraces New Leaders

October 17, 2017

Bill Thornton, Interim Executive Director, GMA

It’s election season in Georgia. This fall, many cities will be electing new councilmembers and mayors who will take office in January. We applaud every candidate who is willing to take up the mantle of public service. 

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Why Does Verizon Care About Telephone Poles?

October 11, 2017

Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose, CA

We should all embrace the opportunity of greater broadband deployment, at better speeds, with the latest technology. Yet how we deploy this technology matters. If we’re going to provide the telecom industry with unfettered access to public property, then the public’s interest must come first.

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Missing Middle Housing: The Rediscovering of an Old Solution to a Current Problem

August 17, 2017

Billy Parrish, BillyParrish Consulting

As more Americans, including Georgians, look for affordable, walkable city living, and how to provide housing choices that can fit more modest budgets—from millennials looking for their first homes, to Gen X looking to move into a city, to Boomers looking to age-in-place—continues to be as elusive as Sasquatch. Creating more housing choices within our historic cities may just be the single biggest challenge we face now that Georgia cities have again become desirable places to live. But a promising new idea may help cities create more housing choice that can fit gracefully into the existing fabric of cities large and small. The irony is, we have had this exciting new idea right in front of us for over a hundred years.

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Location Matters

June 21, 2017

Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director

From creating a high quality-of-life to economic development to the long-term prosperity of a city, the quality of our public education system is paramount. City officials increasingly know and understand this, and have a strong desire to support and advocate for their local school system. I wonder, though, if over the years we’ve made it harder to do that.

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How the Humanities Strengthen Local Communities

June 13, 2017

Jamil Zainaldin, President, Georgia Humanities

We at Georgia Humanities, one of 56 affiliates of the NEH, believe there is no better way to nurture democracy, seek wisdom and inspire vision than through the humanities— such disciplines as history, literature, philosophy and ethics that help us understand ourselves, others and the responsibilities we have to each other and to our society.

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Georgia’s Cultural Economy Drives Strong Communities

June 13, 2017

By Karen L. Paty, Executive Director, Georgia Council for the Arts

No matter where you call home, visioning the future of a given place through the arts makes good sense. Last summer, American’s for the Arts conducted a study, which found that 87 percent of the population believes the arts are important to quality of life, and 82 percent believe that the arts are important to local businesses and the economy. 

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Uplifting the Joy and Inspiration in Public Service

June 13, 2017

Dallas Mayor Boyd Austin, GMA President

In the movie “The Rookie,” 35-year-old pitcher Jim Morris is in the minor leagues. Missing his family, making little money and with little confidence he’ll get to the major leagues, Jim considers quitting. Reminded of his love of baseball after watching a little league game, he says with newfound enthusiasm to his best friend on the team, “You know what we get to do today? We get to play baseball.” 

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Striving to Make Georgia Cities Healthier

May 16, 2017

By Dan Popovic, Co-Founder, cMEcompete

Do you know how well your commu­nity stacks up against others? Do you know if community health positively or negatively impacts your local econ­omy? If you know the answers, what kind of plan do you have in place, how are you implementing and tracking the metrics?

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Preparation is Key to Serving Our Cities

May 15, 2017

By Lamar Norton, GMA Executive Director

Each day we come to work and assume that at the end of the day all things will be fine and ready for the next day. Occasionally, though, something out of the ordinary will occur and we are thrown into a cycle of emergency or confusion! A fire, an unexpected weather event or human error that shuts down the operation for a period of time are just a few of the situations that can occur and throw a city into crisis. When this happens we all hope that the preparation and planning are successful and we can continue business as usual.

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Stemming Georgia’s Opioid Epidemic: State & Local Government Cooperation

May 9, 2017

By Sen. Renee Unterman

With the Georgia 911 Medical Amnesty Law in effect, the prevalence of first responders carrying naloxone varies depending on the funding available to purchase the naloxone kits in cities and counties in Georgia. Funding solutions should be explored by our counties and municipalities to ensure Naloxone is available to first responders and can be replenished after the kit passes an expiration date or is used in the field.

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Healthy Downtown Trends: Beyond the Buzzwords

April 19, 2017

Tommy Lowmon, Communications & Training Coordinator, Georgia Department of Community Affairs

What was once a one sided press release or publication, from which citizens received information about things happen­ing in their communities after the plan was in mo­tion, is now becoming more of a conversation to which people have the opportunity to add valuable input. This “exchange of information” is a necessary component of the communication process.

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