African American Civil Rights Grant Program (AACR)

Posted: September 30, 2021

Deadline: December 1, 2021

Grantor: National Park Service (NPS) Historic Preservation Fund

Additional Information

The National Park Service’s (NPS) African American Civil Rights Grant Program (AACR) will document, interpret, and preserve the sites and stories related to the African American struggle to gain equal rights as citizens as well as the transatlantic slave trade. The 2008 NPS report Civil Rights in America, A Framework for Identifying Significant Sites (PDF) will serve as a guide in determining the appropriateness of proposed projects and properties.

There are two types of grants:

  1. AACR Preservation Grants: Eligible costs include pre-preservation studies, architectural plans and specifications, historic structure reports, and the repair and rehabilitation of historic properties according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Treatment Standards for Historic Properties.
  2. AACR History Grants: Eligible costs include survey, planning, and documentation of historic sites/events, as well as the creation of interpretive and educational materials around significant sites (including oral histories).

All applications must include a National Register Eligibility Assessment worksheet. Properties must be listed in the National Register of Historic Places or designated a National Historic Landmark either individually or as part of a district whose significance is associated with African American Civil Rights. If the property is not listed for its association with African American Civil Rights, or not listed at all, the Eligibility Assessment form should provide information that demonstrates its association. The worksheet can be found under the "Related Documents" tab at each link above.

If your organization has never received a Federal grant before, you should allow yourself several weeks to prepare to submit an application. You must have an IRS Employee ID Number (EIN), a DUNS number and registration. View processing times here:


This competitive grant program provides grants to states, tribes, local governments (including Certified Local Governments), and nonprofits. 


State, Tribal and Local Plans and Grants Division: 202-354-2020 or

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